Sunday, 16 June 2013

Everything Is All Right

We now interrupt our normal schedule with a special broadcast.

The furore surrounding the eligibility, or otherwise, of Mr. Scholes is obviously a non-issue. Rules are rules and of course the result of Kent - Middlesex should be overturned because, hey, why have common sense when you can have bureaucracy? 

And rightly so

We hope that Middlesex will contest the final against Surrey and that the main drama of the day will be the nervous checking of the membership list. Because, as every urchin knows, what happens on the board is merely a sideshow.

Release the Kraken would like it to be known that it thinks all ECF officials are wonderful people and that the decisions they make are entirely wise and just. In addition, any dissenters should, at best, consider ending themselves. Hail Allah.

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