Thursday, 29 July 2010

Reader Letter I

We've had our first letter. It comes from a Ms. D. Fault of Sevenoaks, who is incidentally a well-known associate of the Sambuca Sharks 4NCL team. She writes:

Dear Ray,

I first noticed these pages when a young man - who proclaims himself as some kind of diplomat, obviously just a hippie - linked to it from the English Chess Forum. 

When I saw the signature RTK I was so horrified I rushed into the drawing room to phone my husband, Cyril. He advised me to sit down for a while and perhaps even have a barley water. 

What possessed you to start a project riddled with foolishness and bad puns? I sincerely hope your newspaper column will not too be dumbing down in this appalling fashion.


Deborah Fault

We have replied to Ms. Fault and assured her that the impresario in question has the middle initial 'D', though we hasten to suggest what it could possibly stand for. Probably Derek or Donald though.

I suppose if we were more street and had gone for Release Da Kraken, more such letters could have been flooding our mailbox. Just as well we're not then.

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