Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Releasing The Kraken

Hi, I’m Phil.

And I’m Chris.

We’re two chess players who feel that there is a current lack of humorous and satirical independent chess journalism out there. This blog is intended to help plug the void.

Our main inspirations are the Chess Addicts Richard James and Mike Fox, whose column in CHESS was for many years the best thing in the mag. In addition, Kingpin and Chandler Cornered never let facts get in the way of fun. And in the real world the intellectual randomness of Danny Baker never fails to make us smile. We quite agree that “loyalty cards undermine the basic majesty of homo sapiens”.

The boys over at Streatham and Brixton already do great social commentary and criticism; we’re more likely to address the lighter side of the game. Though we won’t hold back if something needs to be said, such is the beauty of being our own bosses. And remember, you can’t libel the deceased.

True that.

We’re very aware that being based in the centre of the city, our material is likely to be very London-centric and that this could be off-putting. So we welcome submissions of any nature from anywhere in the world to

Or, if you prefer, leave them behind the bar of The Court on the Tottenham Court Road. They’ll find their way to us.

Cheers! And never forget that there's no off position on the genius switch.

Coming up:

- Report on the Minor Counties final between Middlesex and Herts. In Leicester. Yes.
- James Hartston on how his life would be much better if his dad hadn’t bottled the GM title and Slater Prize.

Submissions invited:

- Limericks about Stewart Reuben’s beard.
- Chess player doppelgängers

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