Friday, 29 October 2010

Maud Watt Sorts Your Life Out I

Thank you for your contributions. I'll leave Maud herself to dissect them. 

My wife tells me I take chess far too seriously. I totted up the numbers and found that, over a typical week, I play one league or club match and about 10 hours online. Is this really too much for someone of around 1800 strength? 

JD, Peebles

Firstly, congratulations on having a wife. Must be fucking nice. I had a husband once but, after 23 years of gambling away our savings, he eloped with the till girl from William Hill. Apparently, a punter had placed a £200 bet at 25/1 with her that he would become a grandmaster. He fell in love with her because she'd managed to drive him down to such short odds, when 250/1 would barely have been value.

10 hours of online chess per week is a bit much. I recommend cutting back to 6 and using the other 4 to watch porn. Who knows, you might pick up some bedroom tips. That would be a double win with your wife, would it not?

Sometimes I dream about the chess match I've played that evening. Is this normal?

TLD, Dunstable

I imagine that Geoff Hurst has dreamt of his World Cup Final hatrick in 1966 on countless occasions since. However, that was a significant event. Beating someone graded 140 in the British Legion on a Wednesday isn't.

Seek help.


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