Saturday, 30 October 2010

Reader Letter II

Sharks favourite Ms. D Fault of Sevenoaks has contacted us regarding some of the phrases that have unfortunately slipped past our censorship team:

Dear Gerry,

Cyril and I would like to remind you that the service you provide to the chess community comes at a price and you would do well to keep a civil tongue. The recent trend of boorish language amongst these pages is quite upsetting.

The episode brings to mind the untimely passing of our tortoise last July. Henry was always a placid animal and I recommend you take after his example though, naturally, at a more sprightly pace. It was all rather tragic actually; he climbed into an ice box during a garden party. As I'm sure you are aware, the only way to euthanize a tortoise is to put it in a freezer. I still think of him often whilst hoeing on the beds.

Otherwise we would like to express our continued support of your work. We are inviting Maud for dinner next week and you would be welcome to attend. I would rather you left your President badge at home this time though please. One needs to let go.


Deborah Fault

We are saddened to learn Henry is no longer with us and send our condolences. Regarding the "boorish language” however, we cannot pretend there wont be the odd use of flowery speech littered amongst these pages. We'll be providing the Faults with a vintage bottle of barley water and hope they continue to enjoy RTK.

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