Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Torn Apart by Timmy's Dad

Going into last night's London League match against Streatham, I was on 7½/9 for Drunken Knights this season. Within 90 minutes, that turned into 7½/10 after this spectacular pile of garbage.

I was paired on Board 3 against Middlesex colleague Andrew Stone, who bears a decent resemblance to Timmy's Dad in the cartoon Fairly Odd Parents.

Andrew Stone, pictured last month, upon learning his Rapidplay grade had dropped 12 points

Andrew Stone (199) - (185) Phil Makepeace

White's just played 13. Ng5 after a Fantasy Caro. There's nothing wrong with Bd7, but I saw some fruit and went for it. 

13... Bg4!? 14. Qxg4 Qxe3+ 15. Kb1 Qxd4!? 16. Rhe1+ Kf8 17. c3

17... Qf6

Forced. 17... Qa4 runs into the stunning combination 18. Nxf7 Kxf7 19. Qe6+ Kf8 20. Qd6+ Kg8 21. b3 Qa5 22. Re7 with mate to follow.

18. f5 

18... h6?

Not sure why I didn't take the pawn. It certainly looks like black's hanging on well after 18... gxf5, though white would obviously have excellent compensation for the pawn.

19. Nh7+!


19... Rxh7  20. fxg6 Rh8  21. Qb4+ Kg8  22. gxf7+ Qxf7  23. Rf1 Bf8?

Allowing forced mate.

24. Qg4+


1 - 0

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