Friday, 27 May 2011

Kazan Blues

So we finally know the identity of Anand’s new challenger. As good as Boris Gelfand is, I think it’s fair to say that Vishy won’t exactly be quaking in his boots. After all, with Mr. Gelfand at #16 in the world rankings, it’s the equivalent of Rafael Nadal facing Richard Gasquet in a Grand Slam Final. And all of this is a shame, because The Blues Brothers is one of my favourite films.

Boris Gelfand, World #16

The manner of  Gelfand’s qualification – and of the competition as a whole – has been the subject of much debate, the short comfortable draws being the main bone of contention. But you won’t find any complaints from this end. I actually find it very pleasing that the world elite have finally made the considered decision to play like Robert Bellin.

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  1. The databases have the final move of the Bellin game wrong. Rather than .. Bf6, Bd6 was played. After f5 (offers draw), I can take on h2 in an unclear manner. Rybka doesn't want the h pawn, suggesting instead that Rfe8 gives Black a three-quarter pawn advantage.



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