Friday, 2 March 2012


Last weekend's BUCA championship was subject to heavy disruption following an outbreak of cholera in High Wycombe. Every player took offence at the exasperated attempts of organiser Alex Holowczak to point them towards the toilet so, as a result, they turned the playing hall into a giant carpeted nappy. A hastily made banner which read "John Snow died in 1858. Get over it." did little to help.


Despite everyone being a student, it seems that the conditions were a shock to many; only universities situated in cesspits graced the top half of the final standings. It's no surprise that the London institutions could only manage 13th or worse.


Our man in the Chilterns, Wendell Thomas, said that the playing environment resembled "Ypres with more French Defence". One unnamed source went further, describing the scene as "like an abattoir in a powercut". 

Matters became so desperate that Edinburgh were presented with the trophy before Round 5, lest one or more of them succumbed to their symptoms during the final game. I'm happy to report that they have all made a full recovery, albeit with an improved opinion of English chess conditions.

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